Food For Thought: TVP

TVP: Textured Vegetable Protein. A defatted soy protein product, typically used as a meat replacement. The nutrition on this product are amazing!

A 1/4 cup serving contains: 80 calories, 0 grams of fat, 7 carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, & 12 GRAMS OF PROTEIN AND only 1 ingredient.

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The City of Good Fashion: Indie Twenty

The City of Good Fashion: Indie Twenty

This is the start of a new blog post series & I’m super excited (which I say about pretty much every blog post but I literally jumped out of my seat when this one came to me!).

I am an avid Buffalo lover. I grew up here. I, somehow, stick around year after year of crazy winters & don’t get me started with the food & restaurant, 100% some of the best in the country. So my love for this city, combined with my love for shopping local has resulted in this series.

I have a choice, you have a choice, we all do, on where to shop & what to shop. So why shop local you may ask when there’s countless of other options out there?

Because of the passion & authenticity of local businesses.

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Minimal & Chic Coffee Tables Designs

My first interior design post & I couldn’t be more excited! Two of my favorite things: Coffee & Styling! There’s no better place to start! My coffee table is the place where I drink my beloved morning cup of coffee, blog, meditate, work, the list goes on: so it should be inspiring & make you feel good! In my opinion, the styling of your interior should be as expressive and fun, if not more, than the styling of your clothes. Your interior is something you look at EVERYDAY, something our guests view as a showcase of our personality & style. As we grow & evolve so does our style & so should our surroundings!


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Make a Statement: Boots

Make a Statement: Boots

Statement BOOTS! One of my favorite ways to elevate an outfit or experiment with a new trend. Especially when living in an area where it is cold 8 months out of the year, boots can really make your outfit. BE your outfit. Sometimes that’s literally all you can see peeping out under all your layers, SO why not make it count! If you live in a warmer climate, they are just as perfect. Pair them with denim shorts or a skirt for those milder days.

Of course the black booties are a staple in every wardrobe but by the end of this post, I’m convinced you’ll be considering one, if not all, of these statement boots a staple as well. Below are different ways to turn heads. Eye catching boots with some styling tips, that will step up your shoe game & your wardrobe. So throw those plain black boots aside & give one of these bold pairs a try!

Make a statement with

1. Color:


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Los Angeles: A Weekend Guide

Los Angeles: A Weekend Guide

Last month I took a girls’ trip with my best friend, Dana, to California. Our first stop was Los Angeles, a city of which neither of us have been! With three full days there, we decided to make the most of it & we feel like we accomplished that with all we saw & did! I thought it would be helpful to share how we fit all our adventures into 3 days in case anyone else was going on their first trip to LA soon or maybe just want to try out some new spots. I find these kind of posts so helpful when I’m going on a trip & thought why not share a few suggestions on what to do, where to stay, the best photo op locations ;), & of course, the best eats!

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More than Fashion: The Elements of Styling

More than Fashion: The Elements of Styling

Fashion is more than just putting clothes on. Photography is more than just stepping in front of a camera. Interior design is more than just throwing a pillow on a couch.

There is more to it!

There’s Style

There’s Individuality

There’s Expression

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”   -RZ

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15 Sweaters you NEED this Fall

15 Sweaters you NEED this Fall

BY FAR the BEST SEASON out there: FALL! I live for this season: the leaves changing, pumpkin everything, the cooler days (especially when you live in a old home with no central air!), the sign that the holidays are coming, oktoberfest, football, AND BEST OF ALL THE FASHION!

Sweaters, jumpers, knits whatever your term, however you want to call it, symbolizes fall fashion.

Below are my top 15 knits to grab this season. With the endless amount of retailers & options out there it can be overwhelming trying to pick your favorite. I’m hoping some or all of these 😉 will resonate with you!

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